Commercial Refrigeration

By Compre Air | BTS

At BTS & Compre Air, we understand the importance of a well-maintained machine repair services. Commercial equipment undergoes a lot of wear and tear and requires a higher level of expertise to repair or maintain. From walk-in coolers to commercial freezers, our team can provide effective solutions to your commercial refrigeration problems.


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    These are storage units perfect for back of the house operations. You can acquire both glass door reach-in units and solid door reach-in units in Dutch style half or in full length doors. The storage capacity of reach-in units is determined by cubic feet and they also have multiple sections.


    These units function similarly to upright reach-in units. The only difference is that they are much shorter and they can fit into much smaller spaces. So if your commercial kitchen needs a unit to store few products that can be used on as-needed basis then an under counter refrigerator would be appropriate.


    If you plan to open a restaurant that requires a large amount of storage space, then you should consider investing in walk-in refrigerators. For optimal organization, many operators set up commercial shelving operations inside their walk-in freezers. These walk-in units are great for storing juices, alcohol, bulk or boxed items.


    These units are perfect if you plan to open a meat outlet, café or grocery store. They make the displayed items much more appealing by using bent or level glass. Serve-over-counters are similar to counter-top display refrigerators; the only difference is that serve-over-counter units don’t have a glass that fully covers the food products. Customers can get what they want without asking the servers.